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Six Sigma Black Belt (Upgrade) Program

Black Belts are at the core of the Six Sigma implementation. 'Black Belt' is an individual who has developed a synergistic proficiency between his or her technical discipline and the Six Sigma strategies, methodology and tools. Black Belts skills are not only required for people working in Quality department but they also improve the productivity of people in all other functional departments.

ISL has taken the initiative and designed an innovative black belt distance learning course to accelerate the learning process.

The salient features of the Black Belt distance learning course:

o Fully covers the internationally recognized Body of Knowledge (BoK) developed by the following third party certification agencies:
o American Society of Quality (ASQ) USA.
o International Quality Federation (IQF) USA
o Focuses on Statistical Skills as well as Soft Skills.
o Specially designed course material, for ease of learning.
o Web Based Tutorials with audio lectures for accelerated learning.
o Web-based assignments with e-Quiz and e-Case Study.
o Web-based project guidance using e-Facilitation.
o Free Ms-Excel based template (covers all advanced statistical tools available in
o Flexible - start the course any time and complete in 3 - 12 months time.
o Take the IQF computerized exam any day any place and get instant results.
o International certification from IQF without any additional cost.
Six Sigma certified people are in high demand in all Industries, especially in BPO, Call Centers, software, Automotive etc. Your career growth will be faster than your friends who do not have six sigma qualification. Further, Six Sigma qualification also helps individuals in changing the industry - many professional have successfully shifted from Manufacturing to Call Centers,

Benefits Of Black Belt Certification

We are in knowledge era, and six sigma qualification unique when compared to the normal university based qualification. Six Sigma Certification is based on both knowledge and skills and gives confidence in your capabilities. The major benefits of six sigma Black Belt certification:
o Able to get better jobs and higher salaries.
o Six Sigma skills are generic and thus helps in switching industries.
o Faster returns on investment when compared to MBA and other qualifications.

Course Content

The ISL-Black Belt(Upgrade) course is divided into seven modules and covers the Body of Knowledge (BoK) of Six Sigma Certifications offered by American Society of Quality (ASQ) and International Quality Federation (IQF):

Module 1 (Six Sigma Leadership)

•Enterprise View
•DMAIC Plus Model
•Toolkit for Six Sigma Leaders
•Risk Analysis
•Quality Gurus

Module 2 (Advanced Data Analysis)

•Understanding Variation and Causes
•Strategies to Reduce Variation
•Understanding SPC
•SPC for Special Cases
•Advanced Statistical Concepts

Module 3 (Optimization and Robust Design)

•Factorial Designs
•Fractional Factorial Designs
•Taguchi Methods, S/N Ratios
•Planning and Organizing Experiments
•Advanced DOE

Module 4 (Design for Six Sigma)

•Understanding DFSS
•Voice of the Customer & QFD
•Design of Manufacturability
•System and Design FMEAs
•Risk Management
•Axiomatic Design

Module 5 (Lean Enterprise )

•Lean Enterprise
•Lean Thinking
•3M, Seven Types of Wastes
•Takt Time
•Value Stream Mapping
•5 S
•Continuous Flow Manufacturing
•Cycle Time Reduction

Module 6 (Change Management)

•Managing Cultural Change
•Managing Teams
•Facilitation Process and Tools
•Team Dynamics and Performance
•Project Management
•Knowledge Management
•Management & Planning Tools

Module 7 (IQF BoK Advanced Topics)

• Advanced Distributions
• Advanced Statistical Inference & ANOVA
• Advanced Measurement Assurance
• Regression
• Multi-Factor ANOVA
• Project Value
• Project Management

Who can do this course?

This training and certification is for students who are IQF Green Belt Certified.


Register online at www.isl.co.in and pay Fee Rs 21,348/- (for students in India) and Rs 36,960/-(for students outside India) through Net Banking,UPI, Demand Draft or Cheque (in favour of Institute of Sigma Learning Pvt.Ltd, Hyderabad). You will receive the course material within 10 working days.

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